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We have decided to set up an EF blog, so please enjoy the new site. Credit goes to twinklexo and suany for setting it up. We took down a few links, added some new ones and altered our projects page a little. We've added MU links so that you can download project releases as well as links to CrunchyRoll for you to watch select projects.

On to more good news, EF has decided to work on a new project and preparations for it are underway. It's a Taiwanese drama called "Love is Full Count", which airs 14 Oct. 2007.


zooey said...

Bravo! Great job on the site suany and rae. Things look nicer and cleaner. I like the projects page now and the whole blog is easier to navigate. Otsukaresama deshita.

Anonymous said...

yeah agrees nice blog! thanks for managing it =). full count airs on the 14th oct, not nov, so it's today =D! can't wait! haha


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