Thank you and Goodbye

We are sorry to announce that EternalFS will no longer be working on anymore projects. The members of the group have moved on to new endeavors and therefore we have no other choice but to put things to an end. As such, this blog will no longer be updated. We'd like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement, without which, we would not have been able to make it through these past three years. We hope that you guys have enjoyed watching the projects that we've worked as much as we had fun venturing into the world of fansubbing.

For those still awaiting the next release of Chu, chu my Daddy and Love is Full Count, the good people over at AmeNoUta have decided to take over the group's unfinished projects. For updates on the status and release of the remaining episodes, please head on over to this SITE.

Looking for Japanese Translators

Eternal Fansubs is currently looking for a Japanese translator who would be willing to work on the bonus material/extras of the jdorama Aikurushii which was generously offered to us by the person who is currently translating the said drama in French. We're also hoping to work on a drama SP that came out last winter, the title of which shall be divulged as soon as we find enough people to work on it. For details, questions or inquiries, kindly email us at

Aikurushii 10 & 11

Finally, the long wait is over. After years of struggling to get this project completed, the group is proud to offer you the emotional conclusion to this family series. Be ready to bid the rainbow soldiers goodbye as Poro solves a very important riddle. To download, click here.

We'd like to thank everyone who've contributed to this project, from our steadfast translators who committed to see this through, to our reliable editors and encoders who've generously accorded us their time and skills. Lastly, we'd like to thank our viewers for their continued support and patience. We apologize for any inconsistencies given the huge interval between the releases. We sincerely hope that this does not detract your good opinion of this series. The team tried its best to match the translations from the earlier releases and endeavored to keep typographical errors down to a minimum, so please enjoy the group's latest installment.


Hello everyone. Sadly, there is not too much to say about updates. Aikurushii is still with the spot translator. We apologize for taking so long with this project, but we're hoping to do a double release for those who have been waiting for it. Chu, chu My Daddy and Love is Full Count is still on hold since we don't have any translators for it. We're still hoping to finish the following projects and would like to inform everyone that we have no intention of dropping them. Thanks everyone for the understanding. Happy new year 2010!

Wish to See You Again (Complete )

Eternal Fansubs is proud to bring to you the long-awaited hardsubbed episodes of Wish to See You Again. The entire project is now available via torrent, along with a few goodies like the drama's OST, Promo/Preview/NG clips, and a couple of MVs. Click here.

We'd like to once again extend our thanks to sukyaki and Raspberry Latte for their devotion to this project. And also to JE, who made the hardsubs possible. Lastly, to everyone who enjoyed this show along with us, thank you for your patience and support.

Aikurushii 9

More family drama and life lessons from the Mashiba family awaits you as EF proudly presents episode 9 of this touching series. For those who've been wondering if the group will continue to sub this series, the simple answer to the question would be, "Yes." We're actually happy to announce that things are back on track and that work has been resumed on the remaining episodes. As of date, we're two episodes shy of completing the project, so it shouldn't be much long of a wait.

Love is Full Count 8

For those who've been patiently following this series along with us, we're happy to bring you episode 8 of this quirky romance. Both torrent and direct download links can be accessed here. We know that releases have slowed down to a trickle, but we continue to bring you what we can despite our need for translators to work on the remaining projects.

Aikurushii 8

Get ready for another heartwarming episode as Poro personally learns about love and heartbreak. This episode has riddles, paper airplanes, broken promises, and an encounter which could potentially disrupt the harmony of the Mashiba family... We know it's been quite a while but hopefully, it's worth the wait. Special thanks goes to Janus and Jixji for stepping in and making this release possible. To download, click here.

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