Aikurushii 8

Get ready for another heartwarming episode as Poro personally learns about love and heartbreak. This episode has riddles, paper airplanes, broken promises, and an encounter which could potentially disrupt the harmony of the Mashiba family... We know it's been quite a while but hopefully, it's worth the wait. Special thanks goes to Janus and Jixji for stepping in and making this release possible. To download, click here.


Anonymous said...

WOW...have been waiting for a while for a release of this drama. Pateince has its rewards. Thank you soooo much for working on this drama and i can't wait to watch this episode as well as the rest of Aikurushii. Again THANK YOU for all your work. Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit, I kind of forgot about this. But I guess that's good, because it meant the wait didn't seem that long? X3

And it was worth the wait, especially just to see chibi!Suzuka and a chibi!Ryunosuke falling for her? :3

Eternal Fansubs said...

Hm, is it worth the wait? Well, we figured that's where the hope part of the statement comes into. Actually, it's more of "hopefully it's worth the trouble".

Truth be told, some members were not that keen to work on an overly sentimental show about a family living in the countryside. It's been so long since the last release that the team itself was wondering if it should even bother "assembling" the rest of the Rainbow soldiers. Lol.

goldlilys said...

Please do continue fansubbing this dorama. I like the seeing the chibi kid actors when they were younger and comparing it with their new ones. They already have such talents even from a young age. Can't wait to see more of Kamiki Ryunosuke, Hongo Kanata, Ohgo Suzuka and the rest of the Rainbow Warriors. They're all so adorable.

erco said...

will you be finishing it though? im asking because if not, i'll probably not continue watching where i left off, episode 3 or something. if so, i'll patiently await the next episodes.

Eternal Fansubs said...

Yes, we have every intention of completing this project. We'll be releasing episode 9 really soon.

Anonymous said...

It's always worth the wait! I cry every time I watch Aikurushii and I tell my friends about it. I'm training to be a teacher and it helps remind me that kids can think very deeply about the difficult problems they go through. I hope I meet a kid like Poro someday!

So thank you for all the hard work. Please keep it up!

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