Looking for Japanese Translators

Eternal Fansubs is currently looking for a Japanese translator who would be willing to work on the bonus material/extras of the jdorama Aikurushii which was generously offered to us by the person who is currently translating the said drama in French. We're also hoping to work on a drama SP that came out last winter, the title of which shall be divulged as soon as we find enough people to work on it. For details, questions or inquiries, kindly email us at Eternal.FS@gmail.com.


Kuro Syamito said...

hello there, i happen to bought this dvd last week. and the dvds also contain english-subtitled special. so, i'd like to know which specials are you referring to, then i might be able to rip the subs from it.

Eternal Fansubs said...

Oh, you do? That's great! We were hoping to feature all the bonus material that came with the dvd. If you can per chance rip the subs for us, then that would really be a big help. :)

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