Bokura no Yuuki 9

As promised, here's Episode 9 of Bokura no Yuuki for those in need of their Kinki Kids fix. Things are getting pretty interesting as Yamato and the gang discover the truth about what really happened in Makuhara. Click Here

The release of the softsubs will have to be delayed because the member who has to prepare it is pressed for time but we'll release the file when it's done. For those who watch on CrunchyRoll, suany will try to have the episode uploaded for you as well. Be sure to watch out for the final episode, we'll do our best to have it out soon. See you on our next release!


Kai said...

Kyaa thank you so much! ^__^ Good luck on the last episode, we're all waiting! Ahh the thrill X3

Anonymous said...

Are the softsubs still coming!?

Eternal Fansubs said...

Sure!! they are coming really soon~

Anonymous said...

Auw~~!! Thank God! Arigatou gozaimasu!

Anonymous said...

A particular new episode coming out soon? =3

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