Wish to See You Again Softsubs

It's guaranteed to delight and amuse any guy or girl in search of inspiration and some... eye candy?! We kid you not! Softsubs for the first episode of one of the most anticipated dramas in Eternal Fansubs' project slate is now available. Be one of the first to get them here.

EDITED 5/28/08: Softsubs for episode 2 are out and the ones for the succeeding episodes are not far behind. Just regularly check the EF projects page for updates. Need we tell you that the hardsubs are coming?


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I still can't believe someone picked this project up so quick!!

Will there be direct downloads for the hardsubs?

Suky said...

definately. :) the hardsubs will be out a little bit after the soft subs are released.

Anonymous said...

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Makito said...

Oh my! Thank you so much for WTSYA!!!!!! Omgsh I cant wait to watch more ep thank you Eternal FS for picking up this series!

ace. said...

Hey, I noticed your hardsubs are taking a while.

If you need help, I can totally hardsub them for you.

Anyways, it's just a suggestion.

Thanks so much for subbing this drama! I can't wait to watch.

ace. said...

I forgot to give my email if you end up taking me up on my offer.


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