Project Notice

EF has not dropped "Wish to See You Again." Please do not believe any statements saying otherwise. The team working on it has every intention of finishing the project. We implore the viewers to extend some patience and refrain from making nasty/rash comments about any delays in the releases. Understand that staff members are doing this as a hobby and will mostly likely be hampered by real life concerns.


aznchun said...

People shouldnt complain about it coming out late, keep up the good work, know how hard subbing is :S Best of Luck

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for subbing ^_^

Anonymous said...

Love you guys! Knew you wouldn't leave us hanging! ;D

Celina said...

I just wanted to say thank you. I check the site every day, and yeah, i know that you all have lives... but I wanted to say it felt like my birthday when I saw the subs for episode 13 this afternoon. THANK YOU and THANK YOU again and again.

Toni said...

Please disregard the bad comments and I want to THANK YOU guys for doing this. I have waited and will continue to wait, as long as it takes.

No rush, I'm just always so happy when I see a new episode posted [smiles]. Now Vic Zhou and I can continue HIS love story. Where did we leave off . . . ah yes, he just found his mother . . . and was moving into Chen Yan Xi house.

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