Project Updates

For those wondering what's going on and what's happening, here's the current status of the following EF projects:

1. Aikurushii 7 - Encoding. The team is looking for a spot translator to refine the initial translations for episodes 8-9 of the series. A Japanese translator is urgently needed to finish off the remaining episodes, otherwise the project will be placed on hold indefinitely.

2. Chu Chu My Daddy - is officially ON HOLD due to missing raws. The team is having difficulties in obtaining raws for the said project, so if there's anyone who can assist us it'll be greatly appreciated.

3. Love is Full Count 6 - Encoding as of 24 July 2008. Estimated time of release is unknown, will depend on the schedule of the encoder. Chinese translators needed for succeeding episodes.

4. Wisht to See You Again 7 & 8 - Typesetting/Encoding as of 22 July 2008. Might be a double-release.


gc_rabbits said...

erm, may i ask when will you release the hardsub for ep 7-9? O.O

EF Projects


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