Aikurushii 7

Surprise! Despite a few setbacks, this project is still alive and kicking thanks to the help and generosity of friends who've allowed us to finish this overdue episode. For those who frequent this site, we're offering you a first look at the episode via this direct download link. The torrent will be made available as soon as we find someone to upload it on DA.

We're still in need of translators and spot translators for the remaining episodes so if you can help out, drop us a line. The last four episodes might take a while but we're still not giving up on subbing this show. Here's the torrent link. Please seed as long as you can.


Anonymous said...

wow thanks very much for this! i really hope you'll get some help for translating the last episodes!

Damien said...

Thank you so much for this episode.
I hope you will find some help soon ^__^/.

Lisa said...

I have to really thank you for subbing this amazing series. I love heartwarming dramas but am the type to stay away from sad things (ie. any Korean drama with terminal illnesses, amnesia, etc etc.) But I absolutely love this drama. It makes me cry every episode in a happy way. So thanks for all your hard work and perseverance in subbing this. I'm really really grateful.

Eternal Fansubs said...

We appreciate the support and encouragement. People who have been following Aikurushii have always been very patient with us, they also have the nicest comments.

Anonymous said...

I love this show so much.
This is one of the shows that completely steals my attention from American shows.
I would really appreciate if you got the rest of them subbed.
I'm thinking about asking a independent subber, she's working on Shibatora though. But she does a great job for just one person.
I love the shows so much I'm watching the raw ones.
Ha I only understand 3-8% of it though.

Anonymous said...

thanx alot guys

i love this darama soooo much

and i want you to keep working in last 4 episodes , please

thanks again & good luck

Kinga said...

Thank you very much for subbing this series, and thanks for not dropping the project. Good luck and take your time, we'll be waiting patiently.
Great story and superb job on the subtitles so far!
Arigatou gozaimashita! ^ ^

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