Project Updates

EF is in the progress of tying up loose ends. This means that we'll be doing our best to finish up projects that have been placed on hold. As an update, we'd like to inform you that work on the jdorama "Aikurushii" has been resumed. It's been a while so please look forward to a batch release in the next month or two. Per request, we're also looking into working with a new team that will hopefully finish our much neglected Taiwanese projects. Let's keep our fingers crossed. With some luck, things might get settled soon. Again, we invite everyone interested in helping with the remaining projects to contact us.


Anonymous said...

Wow...thats some good news....getting excited for the all releases on all the long awaited projects you guys are working on. Im especially looking forward to the rest of Aikurushi. I really love you guys for subbing these shows....good luck on future projects and cant wait for the rest to finish...thanks again for subbing.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for working so hard to bring us subs to this drama. it has been awhile, but i have not forgotten this project. i'm always looking forward to the day when the continuation are released. glad to hear updates on the status of the project. goodluck to your team and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

This is great. I've been waiting for news like this. Thanks for all the work you have all been putting into your projects. I look forward to more episodes.

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